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Feb 22, 2020

3 days ago. Workforce automation is about to cost dozens of news contractors their jobs. technology information The Seattle Times and The Guardian report that Microsoft is letting go of dozens of news contractors (about 50 in the US, 27 in the UK) after June 30th due to a shift to AI information production on MSN. The workers have been liable for selecting, modifying and curating stories. Folks employed full-time by Microsoft will keep at the company.

The most widespread use case for cryptographic hash capabilities is password storage. Most web sites do not retailer your raw password – they retailer a hash of your password and easily check if the hash matches whenever you enter it on a given website go to. If a hacker breaks into their database, they may solely have access to the irreversible password hashes.

A brand new algorithm developed by MIT researchers could possibly be used to assist detect individuals with Covid-19 by listening to the sound of their coughs, stories Zoe Kleinman for BBC News. In checks, it achieved a ninety eight.5% success rate among people who had obtained an official optimistic coronavirus check consequence, rising to one hundred% in those who had no different signs,” writes Kleinman.

Artificial intelligence is a key part of everything Fb does , from chatbots in Messenger to powering the personalized recommendations you get on apps like Instagram. But, as nice because the know-how is to create new and deeper experiences for users, Fb says the most important role of AI lies in maintaining its group protected. At the moment at F8, the company’s chief expertise officer, Mike Schroepfer, highlighted how helpful the tech has grow to be to combating abuse on its platform, including hate speech, bullying and terrorist content. Schroepfer pointed to stats Facebook revealed final month that confirmed that its AI tools eliminated almost two million pieces of terrorist propaganda , with ninety nine p.c of these being spotted before a human even reported them.