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How AI Helped Upscale An Antique 1896 Movie To 4K


Jun 1, 2020

Jul 09, 2020. After establishing facial models of 1 engineer and generating a copycat avatar of him, the team used this with completely different people. They may then “speak” by this avatar, which sounds very similar to how deepfakes work. The next step was what differentiates it though. The crew then established a system that generates facial expressions and mouth movements on its own. It is not a mixture of people but one thing fully new.

Many present sports have their roots in hundreds (if not thousands) of years of human custom. However what in case you asked computer systems to create a sport? technology information You now know the way that can end up. The design company AKQA has introduced Speedgate , reportedly the first sport envisioned by an AI. The occasion has six-player groups competing on a field with three open-ended gates. As soon as you’ve kicked the ball by way of a center gate (which you can’t step by means of), your workforce can rating on one of many end gates – full with an extra level if you happen to ricochet the ball via the gate. You can’t keep nonetheless, both, because the ball has to maneuver each three seconds.