• Tue. Jun 15th, 2021

Homomorphic Encryption Expertise For Cloud Computing


Feb 1, 2020

With information of the coronavirus all around the television, it can be difficult to not have a dialog about it in your science classroom. technology information For instance of this, we are able to look to the flawed encryption utilized by the Open Good Grid Protocol (OSGP), primarily used in sensible meters for electrical utilities. The OSGP is optimized to supply reliable and environment friendly delivery of command and control information for smart meters, direct load control modules, photo voltaic panels, gateways, and different smart grid units” 8. The crux of the problem, and there are numerous, with encryption in OSGP is the OMA Digest Message Authentication Code (MAC). Several of those issues are described in detail in the papers Dumb Crypto in Smart Grids: Sensible Cryptanalysis of the Open Smart Grid Protocol 9 and Structural Weaknesses within the Open Smart Grid Protocol 10, and more were uncovered by a variety of security researchers probing the protocol for further weaknesses.