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Competitiveness 2 Computers and Smartphones Technology To Use


Mar 9, 2021

Competitiveness 2 Computers and Smartphones Technology To Use and the development of computers, laptops, smartphones

Computers are an essential part of our lives today. years ago. we often use desktop computer for our life and work for promotion. and in recent years, computers have been developed from desktop computers to laptops. and getting more and more portable like the smartphones and gadgets you use every day.

Basically, smartphones and gadgets are the development of computers and laptops with the times. the popularity of smartphones among technology connoisseurs and accompany everyday life as well. Today who doesn’t know computers, laptops and smartphones? Of course everyone knows that with the three devices mentioned, even small children aged 9-13 years can operate computers, laptops and smartphones, no wonder. Therefore, we need to monitor whether small children at this age are not yet old enough to use the gadgets they use.

Mobility And Usage Of The Computer And Smartphone Device

An increasingly mobile life has made many people turn smartphones into primary devices. Even so, the presence of PCs and laptops is still needed for work productivity in the Businnes world. The PC is still needed, it has to be smarter and that’s what we want to do. Intel and Lenovo, we want people to use PCs to be an extension of their creativity, you can make the best with PCs. submitted by George Chacko Director of Global Accounts Intel APJ. George also cites a study in which 83.2% of work done on a PC helps office productivity more than tablets and smartphones. So, because of that, an improvement is needed so that the PC is getting in line with the times.

The Reason Computers And Laptops Cannot Be Replaced By Smartphones

However, from the beginning smartphones were designed as a communication tool, not designed as an electronic device capable of carrying out office work that involves computing, design, data processing, data input, and data storage in a very large capacity. Although currently there is cloud computing technology that allows our smartphones to store large amounts of data. For example, with the Google Drive and DropBox applications, we can store quite large data for business. What is clear, smartphones, PCs and laptops have different functions and characters. However, it will be very powerful if we are able to integrate all three of them in our daily work.

Although smartphones are very advanced and have similar uses and functions to computers and laptops, for many people, smartphones cannot completely replace computers or laptops. Some of the reasons why smartphones cannot completely replace computers or laptops, let’s take a look.

  • It is more comfortable to use a laptop or computer

Even though smartphones already have many features such as typing, editing photos, editing videos, and so on. For many people, typing using a smartphone is more difficult. Editing photos or videos using a smartphone is arguably less than optimal. In fact, some people are more comfortable using a computer or laptop when opening the internet. Because for some people, the Windows operating system on a computer or laptop is considered more comfortable and easier to use.

  • Smartphone Screen Size Is Not Big

The screen size of a smartphone is indeed smaller than the screen size of a computer or laptop. With the small screen size of the smartphone, many people are uncomfortable when using a smartphone for a long time. Using a smartphone with a small screen will make the eyes tired quickly so that computers and laptops are still the main choice of many people.

  • Many Applications That Are Not On Smartphones

At this time, there are quite a lot of smartphone applications. However, there are also many applications that only exist on computers and laptops. Such as statistical applications, building design applications, cashier applications, and so on. Therefore, computers or laptops cannot be replaced by smartphones

  • Not Satisfied Playing Games Using a Smartphone

Game lovers tend to prefer to play games using computers or laptops rather than smartphones. Because the quality of games on computers and laptops is very good. In addition, the choice of games on a computer is greater than on a smartphone.

  • Less Large Storage

Although smartphones at this time have a large internal storage memory and can be attached to external storage. However, for some people who often store large files such as movies, pictures, or other files, this storage is very lacking. They will definitely still move files from  smartphone or laptop. Because, at this time computer and laptop storage is the largest storage.

Those are 5 reasons why the presence of a smartphone cannot replace a computer or laptop. Therefore, it is impossible for computers or laptops as the beginning of the development of technological devices to be forgotten by those who know them. Likewise with smartphones and gadgets that we use everyday, maybe we still need help from computers or laptops to maximize the operation of our devices.

okay, maybe that’s all we can explain first regarding the development of computers, laptops, smartphones, and the issue of whether computers and laptops can be replaced by smartphones.